How We Work

BLUE SAGE is an IT consulting and professional services organization. Our product is our time, our expertise and our commitment to total customer satisfaction.

We are not a “value-added reseller” that buys hardware and software at wholesale and then resells it at a mark-up. If a customer specifically requests, we can procure products and will pass them through at our cost.

What we do is build solutions. We make things work, and we keep them working.

Depending on the situation, we will engage in one of three modes:

  • Fixed Fee: based on a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) which includes a progress payment schedule tied to milestones
  • Recurring Monthly Fee: based on a defined Scope of Responsibility (SOR) which includes online and telephone access schedules and escalation policies
  • Hourly Rate: based on our standard labor rate schedule, plus any travel or other expenses as appropriate

Service Areas



Strategic infrastructure design is a comprehensive proposition requiring deep technology experience and expertise across the entire IT stack and into the cloud. And as the IT industry continues to drive toward both a consolidation and cloud computing model, it’s rare for a services provider to possess data center design capabilities and proficiency across both traditional and cloud environments, but end-to-end hybrid cloud design is a BLUE SAGE strength.

We build intelligent infrastructure solutions that provide organizations with a flexible, strategic technology design for improved response times, greater network stability, seamless hardware and software integration, continuous application availability, and reliable remote connectivity.

We help clients determine what their ideal IT end state should look like, then we design solutions that enable clients to reach that goal.

We analyze the business and technical requirements for improving existing IT design and provide recommendations for next steps. Our IT design services also give organizations direction on how to run their environments as if they were already in the cloud—making the transition to the cloud simple when the decision to migrate is made.

Design Services Include:

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Data Center
  • Network Infrastructure Design
  • Storage & Data Management
  • Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • End User Computing
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration
  • Application Architecture




Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

The most efficient cloud infrastructure. Extend your architecture.

As workloads continue to proliferate and change, IT needs to find a way to enable business agility—more quickly, efficiently, and securely. Rather than continue to build-out more infrastructure that needs to be managed and supported, IT is embracing the power of the software-defined data center.

In the software-defined data center, all infrastructure has been virtualized, and infrastructure management is entirely controlled by policy-driven software. By separating the control plane (management) from the data plane (physical infrastructure), the data center becomes exponentially more agile than ever before.

Controlling and managing a data center with software however, is quite different than traditional data center approaches. BLUE SAGE helps organizations move toward fully automated data centers through SDDC strategy and design, implementation, and management solutions so IT organizations can shift resources from daily operations to helping drive business initiatives.

The building blocks of any successful Software-Defined Data Center strategy must start with data center virtualization, specifically:

  • Server virtualization: masking of server resources (including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems) from server users to increase resource utilization and ensure capacity.
  • Storage virtualization: pooling physical storage from multiple network storage devices into what appears to be a single, centrally managed storage device
  • Network virtualization: splitting available network bandwidth into independent channels that can each be allocated to a particular server or device in real time.

BLUE SAGE helps organizations accomplish all of the above data center virtualization initiatives to help them drive forward with a software defined data center strategy. By creating completely abstracted data centers that can move seamlessly between private and public platforms, we create competitive advantage for clients.

Automation and Orchestration

The decoupling of compute, network, and storage from hardware and driven by policies

There are numerous technologies and tools available today to architect a state-of-the-art SDDC or hybrid cloud environment. However, it can take a lot of manpower and elbow grease on the operations side to make proper use of these technologies and realize the full value of your investment. Defining services and using proper configuration management, change management, and financial management is crucial. Because of this, automation and orchestration solutions are a must-have core component of the software defined data center. BLUE SAGE helps organizations determine the business and technical drivers behind automation and orchestration initiatives and the best technologies to use for each unique customer environment to reap the business value and performance velocity of these modern IT approaches.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

The concept of SDN has been around for quite a while; in fact organizations with virtualized environments utilizing a virtual switch are already using SDN at some level.

With software defined networking, the control plane is decoupled from the forwarding plane of a switched environment and management is given to a hypervisor or 3rd party application.

Nothing is “new” from a traditional networking perspective, but while network virtualization adds virtual “tunnels” and functions to the physical network, software-defined networking actually changes the physical network by essentially virtualizing the network layer beyond traditional host virtualization.

Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

Increase operational efficiency, lower the CapEx costs of managing NAS and SAN environments, and enable deliver IT services to end users more quickly than ever before.

Similar to server virtualization, SDS removes the physical barriers tying data to hardware. However, SDS is not storage virtualization, exactly. Where storage virtualization allows multiple storage devices or arrays to pool capacity so it appears as if they’re sitting on a single device, software-defined storage involves separating the storage features or services themselves from the storage device. SDS uses a software layer to provide storage capabilities such as replication, snapshots, deduplication, and thin provisioning.

As with software-defined networking, organizations are most likely using some level of software-defined storage in their environments today, but may not be taking full advantage of what is currently available on the market. BLUE SAGE helps clients implement SDS solutions to consolidate multiple storage platforms from multiple vendors utilizing myriad protocols into one centrally managed approach.

Application Development and Integration

BLUE SAGE Application Development, DevOps, and Big Data experts design and implement comprehensive system integration solutions for a wide range of business initiatives such as internal applications, client-server or web-based applications, ground-up development projects, off-the-shelf application customization, open source solutions, legacy integration projects, application optimization, document management and tracking systems, and industry-specific application development.

Whether a client’s applications are running inefficiently, they’ve outgrown legacy systems, are having configuration issues, or need to improve usability, our experts assess infrastructure, systems, resources, and business goals through a series of planning and consulting processes and then develop and implement solutions to achieve client goals.

Developing, integrating, and managing applications effectively across hybrid cloud environments involves tight technological, business, and organizational coordination. Because applications touch every employee and every business process, continuous availability is critical, and an effective application management strategy, essential. BLUE SAGE helps clients adopt and integrate new and emerging application technologies and build enterprise architectures that manage information and connect disparate systems.

Application Development

BLUE SAGE can work as an extension of your existing application development team or directly with business unit leaders if you don’t have internal technical resources.

Flexibility to Match Your Organization

We help client application development teams who need additional expertise to bring a specific project to fruition or to help a project that has “gone sideways” get back on track. Whether you prefer to work on a fixed price basis, time and material, or a combination of both, we can tailor our statements of work to match the unique needs of each organization and ensure fast time to market.

Technically Responsible Application Development

We ensure all client projects are completed in a technically responsible manner. Our methodology maturity means we don’t just deliver agile, working applications, we deliver applications that are appropriately documented and that can be extended and modified as future needs dictate. We also ensure that applications can run across multiple and disparate devices—a major challenge of modern application development projects.


Modern DevOps requires deep technical experience and acute business knowledge to handle the network intricacies and back-end automation necessary for applications to successfully run in modern IT environments. Sometimes organizations may just be focused on getting a first release application out as fast as possible to satisfy users. Over time however, that application may not be sustainable. Our DevOps experts focus on controlling and documenting source code and ensuring that every successive release of the application will be sustainable.

When companies want to make modifications or add features to applications, it’s crucial to make sure that any changes made, first have the desired effect, and second that the overall system isn’t degraded in any way. BLUE SAGE DevOps engineers make sure that all application changes are able to be measured and managed across multiple environments: testing, staging, and production.

Building applications for the cloud isn’t easier or harder than creating traditional applications, it’s just different. We can engineer brand new applications to run on premise, but in such a way that they are cloud optimized on Day 1. BLUE SAGE takes into consideration client budget, risk profile, security mandates, and application features and can recommend which public cloud would be the best fit for your organization.

Big Data

BLUE SAGE has deep project experience centered around open source and Microsoft technologies, in particular SQL-based databases as well as more complex, large-scale storage solutions such as Apache Hadoop. As in our Application Development and DevOps projects, we work within the unique parameters and needs of each client to develop an architectural framework for structured and unstructured data that clients can leverage to answer pressing business questions.

There are a wide range of database choices and technology considerations for optimally storing and querying data. We help clients choose the right database for their business to improve operations and make more informed business decisions. Our Big Data technologists work closely with our Professional Services group, providing clients with a multidisciplinary team well-versed in information storage, compute, virtualization, and network technologies. This enables us to holistically solve client challenges for multiple use cases.



Many organizations implement Managed IT Services on an after-the-fact basis, adding management and runtime support to equipment and applications when they run into support or growth challenges. However, IT management and governance is increasingly becoming an embedded part of the data center infrastructure decision process. IT is now asking “What is the best execution environment for this workload, given my SLA and support expectations, and how can I most cost effectively deploy and consume that compute environment allowing for scale and consistent availability?”

BLUE SAGE Managed IT Services help clients:

  • More effectively manage every aspect of your hybrid cloud environment
  • Gain visibility into how your infrastructure is performing across virtual, private, and public cloud environments
  • Move from a reactive stance of “putting out fires” and give you time to work on strategic projects
  • Implement strategies and tools to manage across physical, virtual, and cloud environments
  • Improve system performance and efficiency, minimize downtime, and meet SLAs
  • Ensure users have IT support and access to all the systems and applications they need 24/7
  • Leverage technologies you already have and seamlessly integrate new ones

Infrastructure Operations

BLUE SAGE Infrastructure Operations capabilities offer customers modern IT resource management services while keeping costs predictable and controlled so IT can focus on strategic projects.

End User Computing and Mobility Services

Transform the way employees access applications and data. Move from a traditional IT environment to a culture of service.

With a growing number of mobile computing devices proliferating the workplace, lines of business turning to cloud-based services, and people demanding virtual desktop solutions to be productive, IT administrators are faced with a new generation of challenges for securely managing corporate data across a broad array of computing platforms.

BLUE SAGE helps companies develop end user computing and mobility strategies that provide employees the freedom to securely work on the device of their choice. Our consultants help clients build VDI environments to increase employee productivity with high performance and secure access to applications—all while protecting data and simplifying IT.

End User Computing and Mobility services include:

  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • VDI Management
  • PC Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • IT Help Desk Services

BLUE SAGE also provides comprehensive BYOD assessments to ensure that a client’s underlying infrastructure can support a BYOD strategy with disparate devices, remote access, and VDI. We help clients develop comprehensive BYOD policies to maintain the highest security while ensuring agility and access for users.