BLUE SAGE ENTERPRISES offers comprehensive Design | Build | Manage information technology services to businesses, institutions and government entities


We focus on cloud-based infrastructure and high-availability  applications for both fixed-office and mobile users.




Your organization has goals and objectives.

The front-end of our business is to help architect the various facets of IT infrastructure and applications which will make your organization achieve those goals and objectives in the most effective and efficient manner.

We know hardware and software.  We’ve designed almost everything from data centers to apps for mobile phones. We’ve engineered classified communications systems that spanned the globe via satellite links. We understand how to collect petabytes of real-time data and then slice through it with profiling and blending.

From desktop productivity apps over Wi-Fi to business process automation and supply chain management on an international scale, BLUE SAGE has the experience and the expertise to identify how leading edge technology can be leveraged to accelerate your organization’s success.




Our philosophy:  unless you are in the business of hardcore technology development, investing capital to own and maintain computing and communications hardware and software is a poor use of resources. Instead, IT should simply be a minimized expense in maximum support of your revenue-generating operations.

You need to own and protect your data. Let someone else own infrastructure.

You speak your business language. BLUE SAGE speaks AWS, .NET, Linux, HTML5, Hadoop, SDN, SSL, CDN, Objective C, Ruby, vSphere, Python, SIEM, WiGig, VoIP and SaaS. Everyday.

We can implement secure mobile access fabrics and ensure apps connect to users. We can convert your business workflow into effective business operations. We deliver the analytical and visualization tools that let you run a better business.




Everything we build is designed to be easily monitored and managed. By utilizing cloud-based infrastructure and SaaS applications, most of the traditional issues are removed.

Our Infrastructure Operations capabilities offer customers modern IT resource management services while keeping costs predictable and controlled so IT can focus on strategic projects. We also provide End User Computing and Mobility Services.

BLUE SAGE offers 24x7x365 management services for overall environment monitoring, and coordinates problem resolution with the various providers as appropriate.

Security. Backup and restore. On-boarding and termination. Patch management.

Whatever your passion, our passion is IT.